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The Cambridge course is developed based on the Cambridge English Exam. It is a highly popular examination among kindergarten and primary schools students which helps young learners to build up vocabulary and solidify their foundation in English.


The Cambridge examination focuses on three different areas in English, including Reading and Writing, Listening, and Oral Speaking.


Our Cambridge curriculum focuses on all the areas and helps young learners to strengthen their confidence in the application of English vocabulary, grammar and other daily knowledge in schools.

There are 4 stages in the Cambridge course for young learners, including Pre-starter, Starter, Mover, and Flyer. All stages target at daily written and spoken English practices. Young learners can build up their knowledge in English through different topics and skills in class, from vocabulary to grammar etc.

Currently, we are providing free assessment and consultation on the Cambridge course in order to let parents understand their children’s English vocabulary level, whether they are ready for the examination or the duration needed for them to be ready.

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