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Integrated English

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The Integrated English Course is specially designed for our busy primary learners who have tight schedules. It targets at training up grade school learners' English level comprehensively and structurally on multiple aspects.

Grammar rules are taught in each lesson, along with tenses practices, yet it is crucial to put the theory into practice.Therefore, students are required to compose writings or complete comprehension exercises as means of application on alternative weeks. Only through unlimited chances of application, the grammar and tenses taught can be thoroughly understood and be able put into full use.

We suggest pupils to start the course earlier than the school schedule as our small class size can ensure the learner to understand the concepts completely and accurately, so that they can serve it as a revision when their schools teach them the same concept again, which in return helps them to release a great deal of pressure of their shoulders for having trouble to understand but voicing out in a big class size or the pressure to chase after the deadlines of exams.

However, an assessment is required for primary students to enroll in the Integrated English course, since it is vital for our teachers to have a comprehensive picture of the the student’s English proficiency and the possible areas of improvement (e.g. spelling, vocabulary, etc), so as to ensure the learner has a solid foundation and adequate ability before building up on the advance abstract knowledge.

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