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Primary Interview


In order to better prepare kindergarteners for the intensively increased demands and challenges in school interviews, our Primary Interview course addresses two major areas of concern by all schools: communication and soft skills.

It is unavoidable for every school to conduct a conversation with the young learners during the interview, regardless of the style, standard, and emphasis of each school, thus it is vital to be able to communicate effectively. 

However, even with the most intelligent mind and most substantial knowledge, it does not guarantee the child to be presentable and can make an impression without adequate communication skills, such as politeness, eye contact, etc. Therefore, we put great emphasis on practicing in these areas, alongside asking regular questions for the student to be aware of his/her daily life; and stimulating questions for the student to get used to processing and generating ideas, so as to be able to express himself or herself freely.

The course is conducted in a 1:1 style to ensure the content is tailor made based on the needs of the young learner and the criteria of the designated school. Towards the end of the course, mock interviews are conducted to further equip the student of the possible demand and stress that could result from an actual interview. Thus, the young learner could be more skillful in answering questions in a presentable and fluent manner, thus creating a decent impression on the interviewer.


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