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A Trick to Entertain your Child(ren) at Home

As the pandemic is raging and schools are continuously suspended, Parents may feel overwhelming of finding activities for their child(ren) and also worrying about their learning progress. Don't worry! Why don't having fun while learning? We’ve got an idea to fill the time you spend indoors.

All you need is an iPhone to perform this trick. Browse "Google" with your device, if you type an animals name into Google and then press ‘View in 3D’. Then bring up your camera and 30 seconds later you will have a tiger in your house! Your child(ren) can interact with it and you can take photos of them. We’ve tried lion, bear, shark, penguin, horse, pony, octopus and cheetah too but we are sure that there are others! You can also try: Lion Tiger Cheetah Shark Hedgehog Duck Emperor penguin Wolf Angler fish Goat Rottweiler Snakes Eagle Brown bear Alligator Horse Shetland pony Macaw Pug Turtle Cat Octopus Dog

Have fun!

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