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The Speech Communication Arts (SCA) course includes different levels of certificate examination. Learners are required to demonstrate certain skills during the exam, such as interpersonal skills, expressive speaking, practical speaking and presentation.


Unlike the GESE, the SCA course is less academic but puts more emphasis on daily life conversation, thus is more suitable for younger students.

As we provide Level 1 and Level 2 SCA courses, students will be asked about their daily lives where they can apply their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. They will also learn to do reading, mind maps and reflections on books and poems. 

Through the classes, young learners will be able to improve their ability on expressing ideas, knowledge, as well as understanding and communicating with others through asking questions and exchanging their point of views.

Also, they need to do presentations during classes and learn to listen and understand other’s opinions and expressions. This course helps to develop learners’ confidence in speaking and listening skills for daily purposes.

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